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Axway Transfer CFT (English course)

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Axway Transfer CFT (English course)

Axway Transfer CFT provides a reliable, high-performance, multi-function, full-featured production tool for global file exchange management and monitoring.  By attending this course, users will learn how to configure and use Axway Transfer CFT to handle all of an enterprise’s internal file transfer needs.  This training will be accomplished through presentations, software demonstrations by the instructor, hands-on labs, lectures and discussions.

  • Target audience

    • Communication Developers
    • Technical Support


    • Good general IT knowledge and basic knowledge of file transfers
    • Recommended: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Fundamentals

  • Outline

    Day 1

    • Describe Transfer CFT Concepts and Architecture
    • Start Transfer CFT
    • Perform a manual transfer
    • Install Transfer CFT
    • Configure Transfer CFT using unified configuration (UCONF)
    • Perform basic configuration of Transfer CFT using Navigator
    • Transfer a file to LOOP
    • Add a partner in Transfer CFT and transfer a file

    Day 2

    • Create a new “Send Template File” Object using symbolic variables
    • Send a Free Format Message
    • Define End-of-Transfer procedures
    • Transfer files using Transfer Template Attribute matching
    • Preserve filenames using Open Mode
    • Broadcast a file to multiple partners using a Broadcast list
    • Collect files or messages from a group of partners
    • Generate real-time message receipts

    Day 3

    • Use Synchronous Transfer to transfer files on specific order
    • Initiate transfers and query the transfer catalog and log files using Transfer JPI Services
    • Monitor folders using Cronjob
    • Describe common automatic failure recovery issues
    • Describe Transfer CFT backup services
    • Describe multi-homed support
    • Describe how to solve catalog overflow issues
    • Set up PeSIT Traces
    • Set Up SSL/TLS in Transfer CFT

    Day 4

    • Comprehensive review