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Axway Sentinel

Axway Sentinel provides a global Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution. The Axway Sentinel with course trains attendees on how to use Sentinel to track processing chains at both technical and business levels. The course includes the use of Composer to configure Sentinel and Web Dashboards to display data.

  • Target audience

    Beginner to intermediate users including Sentinel administrators and developers responsible for configuring Sentinel objects.


    • Basic knowledge of database and queries
    • Working knowledge of Windows 2003/2008

    Follow-on training

  • Outline

    Day 1

    • Define Sentinel concepts and terms
    • Describe Sentinel functionality
    • Create Composer Users and Folders
    • Configure Composer-Sentinel interoperability
    • Create Tracked Objects
    • Create Assisted Requests
    • Create Indicator Requests

    Day 2

    • Broadcast objects from Composer to Sentinel
    • Send Event Messages to the Sentinel server
    • Execute Requests in the Sentinel Monitoring interface
    • Create and configure Cycle Links
    • Create and configure a Business View
    • Create and activate a Correlation Rule
    • Add Sentinel Profiles
    • Add Sentinel Groups
    • Add Sentinel Users
    • Assign access to Sentinel objects

    Day 3

    • Define Web Dashboards concepts and functionality
    • Create a new User
    • Create a new Entity
    • Create a new Workspace
    • Create a new World to connect to the Sentinel database
    • Create a new data dictionary to work with a Sentinel Tracked Object
    • Create a standard table report using a data dictionary

    Day 4

    • Create dynamic links
    • Configure a chart
    • Add a filter to a table
    • Create a new dashboard
    • Configure a global filter for a dashboard
    • Describe features and functions of the dashboard user interface
    • Create controls and thresholds