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Axway SecureTransport Advanced Router

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Axway SecureTransport Advanced Router

The Axway SecureTransport (ST) Advanced Router course provides you with the advanced technical skills you need to perform configuration tasks focusing on the SecureTransport Advanced Router and understanding its internal working.

In this class you will learn how to create, maintain and use Routes, Transformation and Delivery Steps and Post-transmission Actions  and Post Routing Actions (PTAs and PRAs). You will also get introduced to the extensibility model of the Advanced Routing.

  • Target audience

    Intermediate to advanced users who want to configure advanced file flows in the ST server. This includes administrators, technical staff, and architects in charge of designing and/or supporting SecureTransport file flow workflows.


    • Basic ST class or experience with older versions of ST. Students should be familiar with the following terms:
      • Application
      • Subscription
      • Transfer Site
      • Certificate
      • Server Initialized Push
    • Basic understanding of scripting is recommended but not a requirement

  • Outline

    Day 1

    • Introduction to Advanced Routing
    • File Delivery Options
        • Delivery to a system
        • Delivery to an internal folder
    • Conditional routes and steps
    • Content changing Transformations
        • Encoding Conversion
        • Character Replacement
        • Line Ending changes
        • Line Padding, Folding, and Truncating

    Day 2

    • Non-content Transformations
        • PGP encryption/decryption
        • Compression and Decompression
        • Rename
    • Handling multiple files at the same time
        • Inbound Triggers
        • Outbound Triggers
    • Additional conditions
        • Routing on user downloads, unsuccessful uploads and pulls
    • External Script Transformation
    • Pluggable Steps (discussion)