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Axway MailGate Administration

The Axway MailGate Administration course provides you with the skills you need to administer Axway MailGate, including administering Secure Mailbox on MailGate.

  • Target audience

    Beginner to intermediate users including System Administrators, Security Managers, and staff in charge of Axway MailGate administration, corporate Email Security Standards, policy writing and Secure Mailbox Administration.


    Basic knowledge of networking and SMTP.

  • Outline

    Day 1

    • Describe MailGate functionality and architecture
    • List the main steps to install MailGate
    • Configure the MailGate Server
    • Describe the dashboards available within MailGate, how to schedule the run of reports and exports and how to update System Settings
    • Manually create a backup file of all settings on your Server
    • Describe SMTP Mail Flow Relay Policies including Internal/External Domains, Certificates & TLS, LDAP, Edge Defense configuration, Secure Mailbox Roles, and Branding
    • Configure MailGate to query an LDAP Server
    • Create a group that maps to an LDAP Group
    • Enable an LDAP Group to pull reports from your MailGate Server
    • Add a new E-mail Domain with Host and Delivery Route
    • Create a Static Route
    • Create a Sending and Receiving Route to require TLS

    Day 2

    • Describe MailGate Policies and Policy Management including Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus, Attachment policies, Outbound Policy Structure, Delivery Profiles, and Custom Policies
    • Edit and enable the Corporate Disclaimer Settings
    • Create a custom Address Group for filtering
    • Create a Keyword List for use in Mail Policies
    • Create a Notification for use in a Policy
    • Create an Annotation that will be used in a Filtering Policy
    • Disable Hyperlinks by IP Reputation
    • Create a policy utilizing a Keyword list and send a Notification
    • Track Messages and Connections
    • Send a Test Message using the Troubleshooting Tools
    • Describe how to connect to Axway Remote Support
    • Describe Secure Mailbox Settings including External Storage, Groups, Secure Mailbox Roles, Security Image, Delivery Profiles, Policies and Branding
    • Define a Group for External Users of Secure Mailbox, assigning roles, access rights, and password policy
    • Define a Delivery Profile for use when creating Policies with the Secure Mailbox Action
    • Describe Secure Mailbox Policies and create a Delivery Policy to secure messages upon the use of a Subject Trigger Phrase
    • Create a policy to secure messages from specific address groups
    • Create a unique brand for your Secure Mailbox and end user interface