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Axway B2Bi Basics

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Axway B2Bi Basics

The Axway B2Bi course teaches you the skills you need to plan for, configure, and test the latest version of the B2Bi application. The course is structured around a hypothetical use case that allows an attendee to more readily relate the necessary configuration steps to their own environment. 

  • Target audience

    The course is targeted for users including B2Bi administrators, developers and mappers responsible for configuring B2Bi objects.


    • Good general IT knowledge
    • Working knowledge of Windows 2003/2008
    • Basic EDI format knowledge
    • Recommended: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Fundamentals Web-based Training (WBT)
    • Recommended: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Fundamentals Web-based Training (WBT)
    • Recommended: eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Fundamentals Web-based Training (WBT)

    Follow-on training

    Theoritical and practical training.
    Individual Training’s environnment in order to practice and make the labs.

  • Outline

    Day 1

    • Topic Introduction
      • EDI, A2A, B2B, etc.
      • Use case discussion
    • B2Bi Product overview
    • Message Exchange
      • Community and Partner
      • Routing Ids
      • Partner Delivery, Trading Pickup
      • Application Pickup, Application Delivery
      • Delivery Settings
      • Message Tracker
    • Message Processing
      • Messaging Ids
      • Inbound & Document Agreement for EDI
      • Service - Partner
      • Components
      • Message Monitoring

    Day 2

    • Message Processing (Cont'd)
      • Detector
      • Inbound & Document Agreements for Non-EDI
      • Outbound Agreements for EDI & Non -EDI
      • Types of Components
      • Acknowledgment – settings and monitoring
      • Metadata Profile
      • Service - Metadata

    Day 3

    • Message Development
      • Introduction to communication development: Inline processing, Pluggable Transport, Pluggable Server
      • Introduction to integration development: Standard Mapping (DM, DML, custom functions), MBC and JMC
      • Mapping Services overview
      • Map & components deployment overview
    • Message Processing (Cont'd)
      • Advanced Agreement
      • Routing Id vs Messaging Ids
      • Specialization vs. anonymous agreements
      • Attribute discussion
      • Attribute in Trading engine vs Integration engine
      • Attribute templates
      • Detection – Advanced discussion

    Day 4

    • Message Exchanges (Cont'd)
      • Trading Engine and Integration Engine Transports
      • Embedded Servers
      • DMZ Nodes
      • Custom Transport Definitions (SDK)
      • Message Validation & Collaboration Settings
      • Message Handler
      • Delivery Settings
      • Advanced settings for Pickup & Delivery Exchanges
      • AS2 protocol detailed discussion
      • Certificates
    • Operations
      • Trading Engine - Backup and Purging settings
      • Integration Engine – Backup, Archiving and Purging
      • Transaction Monitoring – Message Tracker, Message Log and Sentinel
      • Access Management
      • Configuration Management – export/import, backup/restore
      • Deployment Trading engine configuration – community, partner
      • Deployment Message Processing configuration – Mappings, MBC, JMC, Detector
      • Configuration Management via REST APIs
    • Comprehensive review