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Axway API Management Developer Track

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Axway API Management Developer Track

Acquire the core principles and concepts of API Management and AMPLIFY API Management.
Be able to virtualize APIs, manage access, design policies
Know most used filters and use documentation to discover new features.
Mix API Manager and policies capabilities
Know how to troubleshoot
Be able to create API (in API Builder) with connector and orchestration UI
  • Target audience

    The course is targeted for all attendees  involved in the development of API.


    Have basic knowledge of: XML / Web Services concepts, Fundamental concepts of eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

    Follow the e-learning track before the beginning of the course (forecast 3 hours)

    Follow-on training

    Theoritical and practical training.
    Content Training’s material with labs in English.
    Individual Training’s environment in order to practice and make the labs
  • Outline

    API Management is so important? (E-learning)
    Why AMPLIFY API Management ?
    Value proposition (E-learning)
    AMPLIFY API Management - Components (E-learning)
    AMPLIFY API Management - full demo
    Architecture overview (E-learning)
    Documentation & Axway ecosystem (E-learning)

    API Manager – core
    API Manager - life cycle
    API Manager - configuration
    API Portal - core
    API Portal – configuration
    API Portal - customization
    Policy Studio - core
    Policy Studio - lab - my first mockup
    Policy Studio - lab - quota system
    APIM - testing
    Policy Studio - main
    Policy Studio - lab - virtualization with policy
    Policy Studio - mediation
    Policy Studio - lab - mediation
    Policy Studio - error management
    Policy Studio - lab - error management
    Policy Studio - custom code
    API Manager and Policy Studio

    Policy Studio - lab - mashup
    Policy Studio - capabilities
    API Builder - core
    API Builder - lab
    Embedded Analytics – configuration

    Security vocabulary
    Security Guide
    Identity mediation & federation
    Authentication lab
    Threat and protection - concept
    Threat and protection - most common
    Threat and protection - most common - lab
    Certificate management
    TLS - lab
    Security Best Practices
    Oauth - core
    Oauth - lab
    OpenId Connect
    OpenId Connect - lab

    Certification exam