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Axway API Management Administrator Track

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Axway API Management Administrator Track

Acquire the core principles and concepts of API Management and AMPLIFY API Management.
Be able to do the standard administration tasks: installation, monitoring, deployment, troubleshooting, housekeeping.



  • Target audience

    The course is targeted for attendees who are looking to administer Axway's API.


    Have basic knowledge of:
    • XML / Web Services concepts,
    • Fundamental concepts of eXtensible Markup Language (XML)

    Follow-on training

    Theoritical and practical training.
    Content Training’s material with labs in English.
    Individual Training’s environment in order to practice and make the labs.
  • Outline

    Day 1
    • Reminder: AMPLIFY API Management – Components
    • APIM - Foundation - Architecture overview
    • Axway AMPLIFY - Amplify API Management – Demo
    • APIM - Foundation - Training environment
    • Administration Course
    • Architecture – API Gateway and Manager
    • Installation and operations - API Gateway/Manager/Policy Studio
    • Installation and operations - API Portal
    • API Gateway Manager - overview
    • Topology

    Day 2

    • Infrastructure healthcheck 
    • Activity Alerting, Monitoring and Troubleshooting 
    • Lab - Testing and Troubleshooting 
    • Traceability 
    • Cassandra - basics 
    • Identity Management - API Gateway and API Manager
    • Deployment - API Gateway-Manager process
    • Deployment - API Gateway and API Manager lab 

    Day 3

    • Automation
    • Upkeep - API Gateway and API Manager
    • Installation - API Manager HA

    Certification Exam