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Amplify MFT

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Amplify MFT

Formation à la solution Amplify MFT.

  • Target audience


  • Outline


    • Why APIM is so important
    • APIM documentation Ecosystem
    • AMPLIFY API Management Value Proposition
    • AMPLIFY API Management Components

     Session pr√©sentielle


    • Introduction to MFT
    • Introduction to AMPLIFY MFT
    • Introduction to CFT
    • Introduction to Secure Transport
    • Introduction to Central Governance
    • Introduction to CG/Visibility
    • Understanding Axway MFT solution
    • Understanding Axway AMPLIFY MFT solution
    • Introduction to MFT Training environment


     Flows in Secure Transport

    • Understanding ST Concept
    • Introduction to File transfer protocols
    • Understanding ST S2S & H2S Use Cases
    • Understanding ST Adhoc use cases


    Flows in Central Governance

    • Understanding CG Concept
    • Creating flows with CG
    • Operating flows through CG (restart and monitoring)
    • Monitoring MFT with CG (Sentinel)
    • Alerting with CG (Sentinel)


    Installation and Administration ST/CG/APIM

    • Preparing a ST deployment
    • Deploying ST
    • Preparing a CG deployment
    • Deploying CG
    • APIM Installation and initial startup
    • Administrating & Operating ST
    • Organizing ST operations
    • Administrating CG
    • Organizing CG operations