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Axway Training Course Catalog for Americas

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Course Products / Solutions Duration
Axway API Management Administrator Track API Management 3 days
Axway API Management Developer Track API Management 5 days
Axway B2Bi Basics B2Bi 4 days
Axway B2Bi Mapping Services B2Bi 3 days
Axway Central Governance with Transfer CFT - includes Basic CFT Central Governance 4 days
Axway Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) - Course To Be Delivered Upon Request CSOS 4 days
Axway MailGate Administration MailGate SC 2 days
Axway SecureTransport Administrator Track SecureTransport 4 days
Axway SecureTransport Advanced Configuration and Clustering Models SecureTransport 3 days
Axway SecureTransport Advanced Router SecureTransport 2 days
Axway Sentinel Sentinel 4 days
Axway Track & Trace Track and Trace 2 days
Axway Transfer CFT Transfer CFT 4 days