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Ready to maximize your investment in Axway technologies, so that you can put our solutions to work for your organization quickly and optimally? The faster you and your team become skilled in Axway applications and best practices, the sooner your business will see the benefits of our innovative solutions.

Axway Customer Training provides convenient and cost-effective learning experiences and certifications designed to build the skills for success. Certified instructors, extensive hands-on lab exercises, and state-of-the-art training create a powerful learning environment that will enable you to drive solution productivity and minimize service and support costs.

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The following resources provide everything you need to know about Axway training programs, curriculum, delivery method, and more for your Axway solution, plus a full training schedule of classes in our region:

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Public Classes: Public classes are open for registration to any Axway customer, partner or employee. They are held virtually (Virtual Instructor-Led Training*) using several presentation opportunities including WebEx for instructor-led lectures and demos, and utilization of a virtual industry-leading application for "live" student hands-on exercises. Public classes require a minimum of four (4) students in order to be convened. If the attendee requirements are not met (normally determined 2-weeks in advance of scheduled date), Axway reserves the right to reschedule.

Private Classes: Private classes are dedicated to a specific customer. And depending upon the customer’s preference, they can be held at the customer’s site or virtually. If requested to be convened at the customer’s site, a minimum of four (4) students are required to be in attendance, and please note that the customer will be responsible for the Axway Knowledge Leaders (Instructors) travel and expenses. If through our Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), a minimum of two (2) students are required to be in attendance.

*Axway’s Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) allows customers and partners to receive the same high-quality training as in-person classroom training without the increased instructional costs accrued through time and travel expenses. Axway VILT is delivered by our certified Knowledge Leaders using the same courseware as in the traditional classroom learning environment, and stresses hands-on learning with access to live Axway systems. Students join the class from their home or office using their own PCs.