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Axway Track & Trace - Course to be Delivered Upon Request

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Axway Track & Trace - Course to be Delivered Upon Request

The Axway Track & Trace course provides users with in-depth, hands-on knowledge of Axway TnT including an overview of EPCIS, adding events, configuration queries and subscriptions, importing master data, managing product status, product verification, viewing lifecycles, and serial number allocation.

  • Target audience

    Beginner to intermediate users including Track & Trace business administrators, integration developers, technical support, managers, and end user operators


    • Good general IT knowledge
    • Working knowledge of Windows operating system
    • Familiarity with EPCGlobal specification for pedigree; See
    • Recommended: eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Fundamentals

  • Outline

    Day 1

    • Describe TnT functionality and architecture
    • Describe EPCIS data model: Event Data and Master Data
    • Describe TnT components
    • Introduction to TnT UI and navigation
    • Create TnT Users and permissions
    • Add event data to TnT
      • Add events manually
      • Import events using HTTP Client
    • Demonstrate display Lifecycle View for given EPC
    • Create a Package Hierarchy
      • View Package hierarchy tree
    • Update / Manage Product status
      • Manage by serial Number
      • Manage by batch
    • Create  and manage Queries
      • Add  a query
      • Create query subscription
      • Create statistic

    Day 2

    • Manage Master Data
      • Import Master Data
      • Add Master Data
      • Search Mater Data
    • Authenticate Products / Product ID Verification
    • Configure Track and Trace settings
      • Global Settings Administration
      • Product ID Settings
      • EPCIS settings
        • General EPCIS settings
        • Master Data settings
        • Event Data settings
        • Adding Images to library
        • Labels
        • Extensions
    • Create and manage criterion
    • Create TnT Users and permissions
    • Create and Manage Serial Numbers
      • Create and manage serial numbers
      • Allocate serial numbers to requesting applications
      • Maintain history of serial number allocations
      • Generate reports of past serial number allocations